Ben Cracknell

Unity3D and Game Services Developer


I use Unity3D to create quality games on any platform, and guide my team members to take full advantage of the engine.

Game Services

I create scalable backend services for any type of game.

Dev Ops

I write tools and services to let other team members work quickly and efficiently.

Related Skills

Animated UGUI
Mobile Services
Asset Bundles

Services Implemented

Player Matchmaker
Elastic Game Servers
Centralized Logging
Live Performance Metrics
Dynamic IAP Sales
Load Testing
Custom Analytics

Tools Created

Unity Editor Tools
Automated Build Pipeline
Unit and Integration Testing
Zero-Downtime Deployment
Virtualized Infrastructure

Cosmic Showdown

A 1v1 real-time multiplayer game, where space pirates battle each other for control of valuable asteroids!

I worked as the lead developer on this project, and created the backend services such as matchmaking and live ops management tools.

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An Action/Adventure style game, based on small horses. Use its unique magical combat system to fight your way through hordes of enemies while exploring the exotic levels!
I am the sole developer and animator for this project, working with a small team of volunteer artists.

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​FUBAR: Just Give'r

Mullet-heads unite! Terry and Deaner embark on a quest to beat the World Record for Longest Party. Team up with the FUBAR duo to become an Idle Party Tycoon!

I was a senior developer for Fubar, with a focus on maintaining high reliability of the client, and monitoring systems.

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Game Services

For several games I created backend services for dev ops, live ops, and gameplay. This included a matchmaker and multiplayer servers capable of scaling and handling over ten thousand matches per minute. Most services were written in Asp.NET Core hosted on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

A web-based multiplayer battle arena, where hundreds of players at a time battle each other for superiority.

I developed the networking and servers for GUNR, replacing Unity3D's LLAPI with UDP WebRTC streams for incredible performance in the browser.

Shards of Titan

A flash based multiplayer RPG with servers written in Java.

I worked primarily on the server-side randomly generated dungeons system, and client-side performance optimization.

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Created at OrcaJam, a 48-Hour Game Jam in Victoria BC

This was a simple game I developed with the help of a 3D artist, where up to 4 players can fight each other with a barrage of whacky weapons!

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Galaga Hero

Also Created at OrcaJam, a 48-Hour Game Jam in Victoria BC

I created exciting visuals that synced with music in this Galaga/Guitar Hero cross.


I'd love to work with you!